Avail Solutions, Inc. is a behavioral service organization specializing in crisis hotline and intake screenings for county mental health services and suicide prevention. English / Español

Crisis Hotline Services / Managed Care

Avail Solutions offers a crisis line staffed by qualified mental health professionals (QMHP) who have been certified to manage crisis and assist with the mental health needs. Many of our QMHPs are bilingual (Spanish/English) and able to triage calls, handle crisis situations, and contact your on-call staff when necessary. Our highly capable personnel are trained and supervised by a licensed mental health professional, ensuring high-quality, reliable service.

Our staff will:

  • Professionally triage incoming calls
  • Record demographic and clinical data
  • Document referrals made
  • Do screening follow-ups

Calls requiring immediate attention will be handled by contacting on-call staff, EMS, law enforcement, and other services relevant to the call. Encrypted information regarding documented calls is available from our website.

Avail Solutions' staff is available to receive crisis calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services are flexible and can be designed to meet your specific needs including after-hours crisis line coverage, holiday coverage, coverage for planned activities (i.e. mandatory staff meetings), and emergency coverage (i.e. severe weather).

For more information, please call our administrative office at 361-808-7901 during normal business hours. Please note that the number provided is not a crisis hotline number. If you need to place a crisis call, consult your local directory or community mental health center.